10 Tips for Saving Water Around the House

How much water do you think Americans use in the average month? If you guessed 3.9 trillion gallons, you’d be correct. Trillions of gallons is a staggering amount of water, and what’s more, a large percentage of it is completely wasted. If you don’t want to become part of this statistic, here are just 10 tips for saving water around the house.

    1. Take Shorter ShowersYou don’t have to jump out of the shower with your hair still bubbly from shampoo. Just cutting a minute or two off your morning routine can save anywhere from 5-15 gallons of water.
    2. Save Up Your LaundryInstead of running the washing machine for a single pair of pants, wait until you have a full load to do your laundry. This goes for your dryer as well. Not only will you save water, but you’ll reduce your energy consumption.
    3. Turn Off the TapDon’t leave the water running when you brush your teeth or wash your dishes. You waste up to two gallons a minute when you leave the tap on for no reason, and that translates to more than 100 gallons for a full hour.
    4. Customize Your ToiletDid you know that your toilet wastes water with every flush? You don’t need that much for your business. Install a cistern displacement device inside your toilet tank to reduce the amount of water cycling through your sewage system.
    5. Keep Bottled Water in the FridgeYou waste a lot of water when you’re waiting for the tap to get cold enough. Keep a few bottles in the fridge so that you’ll always have clean, chilled water when you need it.
    6. Say No to the HoseIf you’re serious about reducing your water consumption, the hose should become an off-limits object. It wastes an average of 20 gallons a minute, so the next time you need to wash your car or water your plants, use a jug instead.
    7. Fix Your LeaksLeaky pipes are more than just a nuisance. They’re also hurting the environment with their waste! Somewhere around 20 gallons a day will go right down the drain when you allow a leaky faucet to remain unfixed.
    8. Collect Your RainwaterThere are many products that you can buy to collect and store your rainwater. While you might not want to drink it, you can use it for things like rinsing off the driveway or filling up the bird fountain in your backyard.
    9. Buy a New Shower HeadThere are eco-friendly shower heads that will reduce the amount of water you use during your daily scrubbing. You won’t even notice a difference in pressure or temperature; the magic is in the way they construct their aerators.
    10. Buy a Water MeterWater meters will tell you exactly how much water you’re using on a daily basis. Once you see the numbers in black and white, you’ll be much more likely to cut back. Every extra drop is another penny out of your pocket.

These are just a few tips for reducing your water consumption. Whether you want to go green or just learn to save money on your monthly bills, these tips should be enough to make a difference in the environment and your wallet.

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