Going grren with hybrid

Going Green and Saving on Fuel with a Hybrid Vehicle

Want to know what’s all this talk about hybrid vehicle and how it can save you money on fuel? Gas prices are never steady – they go up and down. It depends on so many variables. So while Americans are enjoying low gas prices now, this might change. Therefore, to prepare yourself for higher gas prices, it is best to consider going green with a hybrid vehicle.

The Prices and Your Budget

Gas prices can put a dent in your budget and at the same time, the emission that comes from fuel does affect the environment. A hybrid vehicle allows you to support the idea of saving the environment while also saving money on gas. In the current technology, the hybrid option makes driving more affordable and also provides good vehicle performance, possibly even better than the standard vehicle with its single combustion engine.

Greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse gas is used in vehicles, but also as a source of energy in homes and offices across the globe. The hybrid vehicle allows the motorists to reduce the use of combustion that produces the same gas emission in the standard vehicle, subsequently contributing to global warming.

The Environment

Hybrid vehicles are excellent for helping to save the environment. How? Again, it aids in the reduction of gas emissions. It is forecasted to see a reduction of 450 million metric tons by 2050, 34 years from now. This is equal to having fewer than 82.5 million vehicles driving on the road. So, it is safe to say that hybrid vehicles can subsequently reduce the number of vehicles that drive on our roadways, thereby reducing the amount of gas emissions that people have to endure on a daily basis and protecting the environment in the process.

The Expectation

If you were to switch from the standard combustion vehicle and replace it with a hybrid vehicle, it is certainly a major step, but one that takes you in the right direction as far as a safe environment is concerned. Of course, this will be something new for anyone that has driven a convention vehicle for many years. You will have to learn how to operate a hybrid vehicle, but it is a small learning curve and worth looking into.

The Battery

You will have to take time to charge the battery of the vehicle. However, once charged, it runs efficiently and not something that you have to do all the time. So, it doesn’t present a hassle. With advanced technology, the regenerative braking process was introduced to make it easier. What does this mean? The hybrid vehicles are being made to create kinetic energy when the driver applies the foot to the brake. The converted energy to electricity is then stored into the battery and used to run the vehicle. To change the battery, you would go to the car dealership and they will dispose of the old one safely while installing your new battery – not high maintenance at all.


Before you invest in a hybrid vehicle, conduct your research to learn more. Most car dealership will have an expert salesperson to educate you on the purchase of one of these vehicles. Weigh the pros and cons.


help our nation

Ten Ways To Help Our Environment

Save Our Planet! This bold statement should be in everyone’s vocabulary. Our planet is constantly being damaged by us every second of everyday. Few think about the careless daily acts that are damaging our planet. Damage has already been done and the affects of that are already being displayed throughout the world. Temperatures rising, water levels rising, increased numbers of endangered species, catastrophic storms, and the list goes on and on. We all know that eventually our planet could become unlivable why aren’t we trying to preserve instead of rushing the process. The answer is really simple. People just don’t see it as being an issue they will have to deal with in their lifetime. Well surprise surprise the future is now and changes are already happening and have been. What can you do to be the change in our world? Just a few things you can do to help our environment and go green.


Reduce how much water you use

Think about how much water is wasted daily. When brushing your teeth try to turn the water off while brushing. It is unnecessary and wasteful to keep the water on. Do full loads of laundry instead of multiple small loads that use too much water. Wash clothing in cold water whenever possible, this will also save you money on your electric bill. Scrap dishes clean instead of rinsing prior to placing in the dishwasher.


Turn off the lights!

Easy enough right. Just make sure all lights are off prior to leaving your house in the morning. If you’re not in a room the light does not need to be on. Things that are not in use can be unplugged saving energy and money. Talk about two birds one stone.


Ditch the car

Instead of driving everywhere. Try taking alternate transportation a few times per week. Walk or ride your bike to your nearest destination. Take the train or other kinds of public transportation when applicable.


Go paperless

Keep a digital calendar instead of a paper. Use less paper and updating is always there at your fingertips. No need to remember things or miss upcoming events when you can set reminders and alerts with your smart device. Not only is it convenient you can save paper this way.


Reusable items

Do you drink coffee every morning? Why not use the same washable cup everyday. Instead of using grocery bags use those new trendy reusable grocery totes. No more worry about paper or plastic.


Paying bills

Pay your bills online. It will save you the hassle of payments getting lost in the mail and conserve paper.


Cover up with a blanket

Adjust your thermostat so that way it is a few degrees lower in the winter months and then the opposite for the summer. Dress in layers during the winter.


Replace Your Showerhead

There are eco friendly shower heads that use low-flow but good water pressure. It will save water while you are showering. How neat.


Invest In a Foodsaver

Instead of constantly wasting foods that have gone bad get a foodsaver to extend the shelf live of the food you buy. It will also save you money.



For more pet, kid, and eco friendly cleaning make your own cleaning products. Most are vinegar based and safe for everyone. Much cheaper than buying cleaning products at the grocery store.


Going green can be an easy as changing of few of your not so green habits. Let’s save our planet.