Significant Ways to Encourage Green Living

If you don’t know what green living is, then you must live on a different planet or not in tune with your environment. It is not the end of the world, though, because the fact that you are reading this indicates that you probably want to learn more. If you are really interested to adapt to green living, then there are certain actions to take. Green living is essentially a way to impact and encourage others around you to build a safer surrounding that is chemical free and energy efficient. You can go green by initiating some instrumental steps that require little or no money. However, there are other ways to implement green living that will take time and will take more of your finances. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s see.

Junk Mail

You don’t have to take this on all at once or you may feel overwhelmed. You can start first by stopping junk mail from invading your mailbox. Most people receive junk mail that they never asked for and it only clogs up your trash since most people will usually throw them out the same day. This first way to encourage green living is free. It could only take a minute of your time, but saves you from receiving almost seventy pounds of junk mail each year. Try to get yourself off of the mailing lists of companies that send you junk mail.

Bottled Water

Many health enthusiasts think that bottled water is the way to go. Yes, while water is good for you, the bottled water only serves to pollute the environment and you may be one of the contributors. Almost thirty billion plastic bottles of water are sold each year in America and while nothing is wrong with that, only less than twenty percent of this number goes into a recycling bin. Many of the companies that sell these products fill their plastic bottles with tap water. Did you know that? So, if you are going to buy water in the bottle, be sure that it is alkaline water or purified spring water, which means that you should buy from a reputable company. If you can afford the one-time fee to install a water filtration system in your home, by all means do so. More importantly, separate your trash and put plastic bottles in the recycle bin.

Waste is Not Good

It is important to lessen the amount of waste that you bring into your home because this will only add to the trash going to the landfill. It is not only about putting your trash in a garbage bag or recycling your plastic bottles. It is about limiting some of the canned and processed goods that you buy and reusing items that will not only save you money, but save the environment.

Energy Conservation

Energy is not easy to produce and as the year go by; it gets more expensive to produce oil and natural gas. You can assume responsibility by conserving energy and saving money. Turn lights off when you are not using them. Don’t have the television on all day. Turn your thermostat to room temperature when you leave the house. If you don’t have to use the A/C or heat, don’t do so.

Water Conservation

A half of the household in the United States will waste water. Don’t run the tap water while you are soaping the dishes. Soap them first and then rinse. When you are taking a shower, soap first and then rinse. If you don’t have to use hot water to bathe, try to take a cold shower.

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