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Top Benefits of Going Green

Every person living on the planet has control over the choices that they make. For that reason, your choices can create the atmosphere around which you live. What you eat, purchase and use in your home will dictate the extent to which you support the environment. This can subsequently affect the entire world and not just where you live. Therefore, when you embrace a green lifestyle, it also is significantly effective to the environment, but in a positive way. It helps to preserve the rain forests, improves your health and quality of life. Choosing a green lifestyle will also positively impact the animal kingdom and the planet.

The Green Mantra for Health

When you eat green, it is a catalyst for good health. Yes, some of your green foods will be seasonal in the local area, but there are many health food stores that carry organic foods year round. While these foods may be more expensive than the foods carried in the traditional grocery stores, it will improve your health in the long run and worth every cent. For example, when you choose organic milk over the traditional milk, you get sixty eight percent more Omega-3 fatty acids. When you buy local green foods, you support the local economy and foster the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions that is usually needed to transport food from its location to your home. It is best to buy green foods since they are fresher with less packaging and processing.

The Skin

Most women use cosmetics and skin products such as shampoos, soaps and sunscreens. The fact that the average woman uses approximately ten beauty products on a daily basis, it can add up to the need to dispose empty cans of chemical products. This will eventually hurt the environment because of the toxic nature. Why not use green products that are more plant based. It is best for your skin’s health to choose green products.  

Household Goods

Everything that you purchase to put in your home has an impact on the environment – your clothes, your furniture, water bottles and beer cans; just to name a few. So, choose your household products wisely to mitigate the carbon footprint affecting your surroundings and the entire world. Your choices will impact and aid in protecting the forests, biodiversity, habitat and water. With your choices, sustainable practices will be ensured and so will the reduction of waste in landfills.

Renewable Energy

Electricity is the power of choice to put on lights, operate computers and other devices in the home. Once you flip that switch, you initiate energy in the home. Electricity is originated from somewhere and in the United States; it is usually from power plants that utilize the coal burning process. This type of energy is the main cause of air pollution. You can generate your own energy from solar and wind sources. It might seem expensive at first, but it is a one-time purchase, which will save you thousands of dollars for years to come. Invest in your future to prevent pollution in the environment.

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